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Alexandra Meerdink

Kunstmoment Diepenheim April 21 to 30 ’23

Daily from 11.00 AM until 5 PM.

Biodiversity or…

The kinetic artwork shows what can be left of our plant world after the loss of biodiversity. A protest against the trade of multinational biotechnology and agricultural poison companies such as Monsanto. A warning we should not ignore.

Monsanto’s history is riddled with controversy. After the production of chemical weapons, it has turned to agriculture, producing herbicides and resistant genetically modified plants. Monsanto is gaining more and more control over agriculture through…

14 april to 6 juni 2022: Art trail art and nature in Hummelo

A beautiful route through ancient nature. Go and see that!

Dutch poster

Persevere for peace

Twee - Glass

What is authentic art?

Over authentieke kunst
Over authentieke kunst