About my work

Here is more about my art. Also you can find information in my Dutch CV.

I make and watch art with amazement

Order and chaos, a dualistic premise, universally present in all. That keeps me busy.
I look for a certain contrast, am seeking balance for any unstable equilibrium.
Examples are: Light and dark, translucent, soft and hard, large and small, static and agile, open and closed.

Looking for a poetic surprise, my language. An exciting journey through the years. I sometimes find a new way to express myself. It’s an continuing process:

Alexandra's art: A poetic journey
Alexandra’s art: A poetic journey

Assuming the feeling to an idea how to be best expressed.

I am like a child in a candy store, tasting all and then get sick off too much sweets.
In autonomous work I stand by my position artistically, witch gradually developed. Being challenged to new insights, gives me the “earth” to develop.
All in all I am curiously experimenting across borders, and back.

Lately my focus goes towards environmental art.