Here is my calendar with an overview of my assignments and expositions.

April 21 to 30 2023

Kunstmoment Diepenheim

Daily from 11.00 AM until 5.00 PM

April 14 to June 6 2022

Art trail art and nature in Hummelo

A beautiful route through ancient nature. Go and see that!

Dutch poster

June 2021

Spring 2022

August 2021 – April 2022

June 2021

Part walk Hummelo, creation of an installation

Construction Wooldsehoeve sculpture garden

Renovation project wedding hall municipality of Winterswijk

Publication book Gestold verlangen – Geronnene Sehnsucht

Art walking route Hummelo

9 April – 1 June

Installation “de kroonjuwelen van Enghuizen“


Project gestold verlangen – erstarrte Sehnsucht

March 2020 we, Alexandra Bloch-Pister; historian from Munster and Alexandra Meerdink; visual artist from Winterswijk-Woold, have written a concept for the tandem project of our Euregion.

We are pleased to be able to carry out the project with the theme Paradise.


Exposition du Samedi 4 Aout au Mercredi 8 Aout 2018 - Galerie Aqui Siam BenExhibition invitation from St. August 4th to Wed. August 8th, 2018

Works created in residence:

For seventeen years A.I.R Vallauris has been welcoming artists from all over the world to his apartments and workshops to meet local artists, pursue their research and create new works in a unique setting.

Atelier Tremplin is a new program, created for artists who recently graduated from arts and ceramics schools. The goal of the Atelier Tremplin is to provide a staircase for new graduates that will assist them in making their advancement into increasingly skilled and competent practice.

Opening reception August 4th, 2018 from 11am. to 1pm.

In the presence of the artists and accompanied by Jo KAÏAT on piano.


Gallery Aqui Siam Ben
Place Lisnard,
1 Boulevard des 2 vallons
06220 Vallauris
Atelier Aqui Siam Ben
21 Avenue de Cannes
06220 Vallauris

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Juni 2017, exposition Bocholt (Duitsland)

Exposition Alexandra Meerdink te Bocholt

Summer and fall exposition 2016: KUNST am Rande, MUNSTER

2015 expected 14-15 November Europartfair Rotterdam

Made in Gelderland Beeldenroute Kunstoer

Development sculpture garden Alexandra Meerdink 12 juni / 20 september 2015.

2015 Galerie Helpt U Zelve Winterswijk

15 maart t/m 15 mei tentoonstelling Dichtbij huis.

In a box - Glass

Diepenheim, October 2014

2014 expo diepenheim

Amsterdam, March 2014

Exposition MLB Gallery - March 2014, Amsterdam

Diepenheim 2011

Exposition Den Haller 2013, Neede